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The Field's Drawing Competition

Congratulations to the Winner of the Farm Safety Competition


A BIG HUGE THANK YOU to you all, children and parents for sending us so many beautiful photos of your #farmsafety activities, drawings, play setups, posters, signs and more. You are all brilliant farm-safe young farmers and a lot of people can learn from you!! Scroll down to see all the photos!


How to enter  * COMPETITION CLOSED *

1. POST a PHOTO of your children’s #farmsafety play, drawing or other farm-safety activities it in the comments of the Facebook post:
2. FOLLOW AgriKids, Tinneys Toys and TheField on Facebook
3. TAG / SHARE with a friend

We will have fantastic prizes for the WINNER & THEIR FRIEND:

– A Field  and Half Acre !
– A set of story books, a bodywarmer, an activity pack and a parka jacket from AgriKids
– A Siku John Deere 6920S tractor from Tinneys Toys………..

…..(This is the total list of prizes to share between the Winner and their tagged Friend – Total Value € 200 – WOW)

Competition is running until the 26th July, Winners will be announced on the following day!

Best of luck 🍀🤞 &

Have lots of fun with the farm play activities, enjoy teaching & learning about the dangers on a farm and how to be farm safe! ⚠️💚🐂🚜

Giveaway open to Ireland only.
This giveaway is not endorsed by or associated with Facebook/Instagram.

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Farm Safety Month July

This month here at the Field is all about FARM SAFETY!

As Farm Safety week usually takes place from 20th-24th July, we take this as an opportunity to talk more about it.

With the farming season in full swing and the many fatal farm accidents already happened this year, it is an important topic that we at the Field also want to give more attention and want to encourage our followers to talk more about it at home with their children.


Farm safety is very important in our everyday lives.

One of the best and most enjoyable things in the summer holidays is to get outside and explore the farm and countryside at home, at the grandparents, friends or pet farms, …
But we always want to be prepared and aware of any dangers. We want to be Farm Safe.

There are a lot of fun ways to educate children about Farm Safety and to create strong awareness for the dangers of a farm:

It is a great topic that kids love to discuss and act out creatively in play. – Farm machinery, cows and calves, bulls and other dangers,…

All the model Toy Fields  offer a great base to act out all these farm dangers ⚠️

You can incorporate farm safety into child’s play and use toys like The Field, tractors, machines and animals to set up dangers and safe farm scenes.  If you are in need of more farm toys like animals, machines check out TINNEYS FARM TOYS.

Simple signs like “Beware of the bull” on the gate make people and children aware of what to look out for.

–> Get to know farm safety signs and any dangers on a farm:


You’ll find great activities, colouring sheets, discussion sheets for different age groups, that are a lot of fun and make it easy to explain dangers and encourage the children to share what they know about farms and farm safety.

They can cut out and download Farm Safety Signs and get to know the meaning of them.


The games are also a great way for getting to know the farm safety signs & occurring dangers and are very enjoyable for younger and older kids.

Have lots of fun with the farm play activities, enjoy teaching & learning about the dangers on a farm and how to be safe!


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See the brilliant work here from our young & farm-safety aware farmers: